Post Sale/Warranty Support

OMAXlogo2Post-Sale Support

Tristate Omax Service Engineers

Tristate Machinery employs three full-time Factory trained waterjet specialists to serve our customers.  Primarily, they provide:

  • machine installations.
  • full on-site training.
  • hardware, software and application service.
  • unlimited applications support.
Our highly capable technicians are constantly trained to provide in-depth, troubleshooting and maintenance techniques authorized by Omax to keep up-to-date on servicing Omax equipment. Each engineer receives certifications for specific diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair procedures, in addition to new techniques with Omax software. They also carry a range of diagnostic tools, and all versions of Omax operating software, patches and applications.Many Tristate customers confirm that the relationships that develop over time though their continuing support means the difference between frustrating downtime, and smooth, profitable operations.
GF Machining Solutions
GF Machining Solutions (previously GF AgieCharmilles) employs a full staff of service and application engineers from their headquarters in Lincolnshire, Il. and from remote offices in Indiana and Wisconsin. Specifically they provide:
From diagnosis of technical issues to identification of parts, Helpline specialists quickly provide expert customer support.
Service interventions
Local Expert service engineers are ready to resolve machine issues, perform maintenance and install upgrades.
Components and machine overhaul
Experienced repair center personnel overhauls and tests components and bulletproofs your equipment for highest precision and productivity.
Spare and exchange parts
Authentic, authorized, spare and exchange parts are guaranteed to deliver the best results in terms of productivity, accuracy and reliability.
Preventive services
Maximize the up-time of your machine and maintain the value of your equipment with GF Machining Solutions preventive services.
To schedule a support, training or service call with an engineer call us at (847) 520-4420, or contact us here.
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