About Us


Founded in 1986 by Larry Dierking and Tim Doran Tristate Machinery originally started (and still is) the exclusive Distributor for AG Charmilles (now GF Machining Solutions) in the Tri-State area (Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana). We quickly become the award winning top Dealer year after year of EDM Equipment for AG Charmilles. Since then, Tristate has picked up other top tier manufacturers,  each with specific manufacturing solutions. With the Omax Waterjet Tristate developed a service department  to setup, train and service the new Omax customers. We added laser cutting through Coherent Laser, Milling via GF Machining Solutions, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) from EOS Corporation. and recently Laser Texturing from GF Machining Solutions.

Our high quality lines are second only to the quality personnel that has made Tristate so special. With an aggregate total of nearly two hundred years of machining experience, our nine sales engineers also have an average of sixteen and one half years with Tristate. Its not surprising Tristate is considered the the Cadillac of Machine Tools, with the best most experienced sales engineers in machine sales today. With all those tool and experience there isn’t a machining problem they can’t solve.

Along the way, we developed an internal computer systems that precisely tracks orders, accurately  invoices customers, and has advanced features for companies three times our size. Tristate now uses e-mail and their website shopping cart to improve productivity in all aspects of the business. A new Website with improved information connections is coming online, along with a whole range of Parts for EDM machining on our shopping cart. We offer online leasing calculators and financing help via two excellent financial services.

All because “two nice guys who sell machines” – went and sold some machines!

Thank you from Tim Doran, Larry Dierking, and the whole Tristate crew!

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